The Arts

When it comes to the arts and performing arts, Bar Harbor offers something for all tastes. Since its early days when two Hudson River Valley artists, Thomas Cole and Frederic Church, set out one summer in the early 1800's in search of a scenic fishing village called Eden on the coast of Maine, Bar Harbor has been world-renown as an artist community. And so began America's love affair with one of the most beautiful places in the world - Bar Harbor, Maine. The town has several art galleries, art shows, improvisational comedy theater and two celebrated music festivals offering everything from string orchestras, through chamber music, to jazz. Bars and clubs host a range of bands and solo artists that complete the musical mix. Movies have never seemed more enjoyable than when seen in our art-deco theater. The arts really shine in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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1154 Main Street
Somesville, ME 04660
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4 Herrick Road
Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
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2596 Atlantic Highway, Route 1
Lincolnville, ME 04849