Bar Harbor

When you cross the Trenton Bridge onto Mount Desert Island, you may not realize you've left the mainland. But you have, and you've entered the town of Bar Harbor (even though you're still about 10 miles from downtown). Twenty-eight miles across from west to east with a coastline roughly as long, Bar Harbor villages cover 45 stunning square miles. Bar Harbor has it all: rich history, vibrant village communities, unsurpassed beauty, and plenty to do—for everyone.

Settled in 1763, Bar Harbor has been home to lobstermen, shipbuilders, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, and wealthy "summer people." It survived the Great Fire of 1947 and continues to draw millions of tourists every year. Six villages make up the town of Bar Harbor: Town Hill, Eden, Salisbury Cove, Hulls Cove, Otter Creek, and downtown Bar Harbor—each with its own distinct personality and flair.